Alpine Swingtime with Glenmist RA HSAs

Ginger was born on August 14th 2003. Claire J. waited for 4 years for Ginger to be born. Her eyes weren't even open yet when Claire fell in love with the cute little brat. Ginger is stuborn, but loves being out with Claire and doing everything she can with her. Ginger has a started herding title on sheep for course A, and it was a long road to that title because she often likes to do her own thing while herding, and tell her mom how to do it. Ginger does have a reserve high in trial for herding, proving that when she wants to, she is rather good at it. Ginger also likes to do Rally, but tends to go into herd mode after she goes over a jump. She's learning how to do agility, and will someday learn to do it without grabbing Claire's pants legs. Currently she is doing Jr. Handling with Claire's niece, Amber. She no longer can be shown in regular conformation because of an emergency spay she had in 2007, but will be making a come back in the vetern class at the sheltie specialty.
Ginger has passed the Delta Socity exam and can make therapy visits. She has yet to meet a person she didn't like. She often can be spotted at work with Claire, wearing the latest in doggy fashion. She's been on 3 calendar covers, a danbury mint collector plate, the front page of the local news, and a TV commerical for Paw Prince. She is a diva through and through. Her favorite things include, herding anything, sleeping and harrassing her mother's cats.

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