We hold dear the fur kids in our lives that have passed on. They have left their paw prints on our hearts, and we will forever cherish them.


Photo by Susan Feroni-Keleher
She was the mother of 2 beautiful tri male champions, as well as other beautiful shelties. In 2001, Jasmine was diagnosed with cancer, and had a large tumor removed from her leg. She battled for 6 years before she crossed the rainbow bridge. She was loved by many and many kind words were spoken of her by the lives she touched.
I will later put up the email from her to her loved ones and the responces we recieved back.


Photo by Claire J. Miller
Corky was not the prettiest of shelties, that could be said, but he was Claire's sidekick for many years. He enjoyed a brief acting career when he starred in a high school production of "A Midsummer Night's Dream." He passed away shortly before Christmas from complications from cancer.

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