Robin and Claire J. both love to use their creative side, and together they have created the comic book hero "Captain Sheltie." Captain Sheltie is mild mannered Sheldon Sheltie by day and at night, uses his intellect to find forever homes for shelties in need.

The comic is written by Robin and illistrated and colored by Claire J. The money raised by selling Captain Sheltie Comics go towards Sheltie Rescue.

Captain Sheltie and the Ally Way Orphan
Sheldon finds a homeless puppy and helps him find a forever home by creating his alter ego "Captain Sheltie" to earn the puppy's trust.

Captain Sheltie and the Friend in Need
Sheldon has a friend who's owner has recently passed away. While his friend is staying with his family, Sheldon finds a way for Captain Sheltie to find him a forever home while trying to keep his identity hidden from his family's new puppy.
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Captain Sheltie and the Fallen Star
Puppy Bowie really looks up to TV star Corkimer and begs Sheldon to take him to meet him. There they discover he is leaving show bisness and wants nothing more than to keep entertaining children, but isn't sure what kind of home he'll be adopted to. Captain Sheltie uses his home placing skills to make sure Corkimer's retirment dream will become a reality, along with his new sidekick, Good Boy.
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