Robin and Claire J. both love to use their creative side. Robin has been learning photography for the last few years. She was first inspired to be a better photographer after discovering that it was nearly impossible to capture a good, non-blurry shot of rocket fast dogs going over jumps, through tunnels and chasing sheep with just a normal digital camera. Her loving husband helped her out by buying her a nice camera as a surprise gift, and since then she has been learning from friends, another other photographers the workings of her new art form. Claire J. has also helped her out by showing her how to use professional computer editing software to edit out minor flaws, fly away hairs and color distortions.
As a fund raiser for different clubs, Robin often takes pictures of herding trials and gives the owners CDs of their dogs chasing sheep and ducks, asking them to give a small donation to the club instead of paying her for the photos. Robin also enjoys setting up make shift studio shots and nature shots of her own dogs and some of her friends' dogs as well. She isn't a professional, but it is a fun hobby and she'd like to share what she's done with everyone else as well.

Indoor Shots
Here are some of Robin's shots of the dogs indoors.
Costumes were bought at Paw Prince or made by Claire J.

Outdoor Shots
Here are some of Robin's shots of the dogs enjoying nature.

Herding Shots
Here are some of Robin's shots of Sheep Herding.

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