Peggin's Silver Stardust CD RAE

Dusty was born on March of 2001. Dusty was always a little too shy for the show ring. To build her confidence, Robin entered her in Obedience and Dusty really came out of her shell. Dusty is a twice high in trial winner and has placed 26 times in Rally. She is the first Sheltie in Alaska to recieve a Rally Excellent Advance title. Dusty is now retired and in March of 2011 recieved a retired title holder ribbon from the Alaska Kennel Club. She is the mother of 4 beautiful boys, Bryce, Seamus, Milo and Taku. Milo went to live with a family who owned one of Dusty's sisters and Taku lived with Mr. Birch, an orcristra teacher at a local high school. Taku was his loving companion while he went through cancer treatments and was a comfort to the Birch family after he passed on. Seamus is co-owned by Cheryl Mallonee and is still activly competing in agility and herding. Bryce stayed with the Millers and is running their house with an iron paw.
Dusty is spending her retirment with her favorite boy, Robin's son Josh. She loves spending all day with him while he works on building his home up north in the valley. She's waiting for her best friend, Lydia, to retire and join her so they can play with their boy together.

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