Ch. Ride's Wind Dancer O Glenmist

Aile was born on April 7th of 2005. OK, she's not a sheltie, but that hasn't stop us from loving her for who she is. Aile came to our home from our friend, Judi Rideout's home. Aile's mother, Princess, was our dog, Dusty's buddy and now Dusty's son Bryce, and Aile are best buddies. Aile is a Conformation champion and is has Canadian points. She enjoys hanging out with Bryce and her daddy and demands to sleep in the middle of the bed, inbetween her two parents. Her favorite toys are the ones she can make a mess with when she tears them up or one she can get you to step on so she can tug it while you're working on other things, or grooming the other dogs.

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